Writer Nury Vittachi On The Inevitable Rise Of Music, Film And Books From Africa And Asia

Published on May 8, 2014
Channel: Smartmonkeytv
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Writer Nury Vittachi is best known for his crime novel series, The Feng Shui Detective. But he is also the founding editor of the Asia Literary Review and currently chairs the biggest literary association in Asia-Pacific. In this interview he talks about: the inevitable cultural shift away from Europe and the USA to the new markets in Africa and Asia; the dominance of global literary prizes by the USA and Europe; the launching of a new global literary prize, the World Readers' Award; and the importance of distribution for those wanting to make this cultural shift. Key quotes: "But where are the markets? Where are the consumers? They're in Africa and Asia and what percentage of the world's culture do these two communities contribute. The answer is almost zero per cent." "We're launching an international prize called the World Readers' Award. To be eligible to enter, you just have to be human (and have a book manuscript)."