Warning! - Flower Pot Candle Heater - Risk Of Death! - Dangerous Device That Can Flash Flare! Ep 38

Published on Nov. 5, 2014
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

https://www.patreon.com/SailingHighSeas PARAFFIN VAPOUR IGNITES - HIGHLY DANGEROUS! Clay flower pot candle heaters are unfortunately dangerous and this has been discovered through trial and error. This video may save lives, so please share, as I personally had a very lucky escape and nearly had a fatal accident with this popular form of heating. The one I used had a bolt through it which acted like a radiator, however, the danger exists with the tea lights being too close in a very hot environment. The candles are made of paraffin and due to the excessive heat caused by the insulation of multiple terracotta pots, then what happens is the candles produce paraffin vapour just like petrol which in turn ignites suddenly in a flash flare. This violent ignition is not restrained to within the clay pots and as the vapour surrounds the device then what is created is an immediate source of aggressive and explosive ignition. The clay pot heater in this video was not used on a rocking boat as the boat was out of the water at the time. There is no safe way to use these candle heaters in flower pots, avoid using them at all costs. This incident is not a one off and happens all the time. Protect yourself and do not use these devices under any circumstances.