Vietnam Budget Travel $42. A Day 2 Weeks Travel Cost $42./ Beautiful People Beautiful Girls

Published on Dec. 6, 2015

Vietnam Budget Travel Vietnam 2 Weeks Travel Cost $42. A Day Per person How much does it cost to take a vacation for two weeks in Vietnam? I will give you a breakdown on our cost to spend two weeks in beautiful Vietnam. Hotels ( 3 hotels ) 14 days Hotels and breakfast included. $512. Per day $36 Food ( all food cost including small items that we would buy on your street) $18 a day per person Total food cost $350 $25 a day for 2 people. $12.50 per person Miscellaneous Taxi, traveling tour package visit the store cool sites, tips, Movie one day miscellaneous. $227.for two people $8.00 a day per person Southeast Asia travel | travel deals | cheap travel | LaosTravel | CambodiaTravel destination | Vietnam Cambodia and Laos Travel | Last minute travel deals | top places to travel in Asia | top 10 places to travel in Asia Personal items one dress, two scarves, one pair of slippers $84 $586.50 for each person $42 a day per person Jerry lori's Grand total for two people 14 days $1,175 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some other YouTube videos by Jerry brown travels Thailand $750 Vietnam Hoi AN Tralve Safe Killing fields The Children of Cambodia surviving on the streets. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- personal story Jerry & Lori .be/TzjjdOWeCog My wife Lori and myself sold our home and our business in 2006 and became the homeless millionaires. Our goal was to travel around the world and "living the good life"are basic philosophy is "Fly First Class in Coach" .We have enjoy our world tour of 35 countries in the last 25 years. In 2012 we returned back to the big Island of Hawaii and bought a small cottage. We are now using Hawaii as our home-base as we travel to other countries 6 to 8 months a year. We have been asked by our friends to start this YouTube channel blog to share our experience and give some tips on budget travel. See our YouTube channel.