Top 3 Most Bad-Ass Spartan Kings Ever!

Published on Nov. 1, 2016

Hello guys,today we bring you a new video series about the "top 3 most badass kings"! The start of this series will have to be with one of the most bad-ass contries to ever exist.. Exactly!Sparta! sparta was one of the most insane states ever but also one of the most efficeient ones,they had the first ever constitution and...WE DONT CARE! No we dont(or maybe some do) but this will be over the 3 most insane and badass kings the most bad-ass country that ever existed had!! And yes,they were crazy! Sorry for the re-upload guys,but something went really wrong the first time. Blog:https://mysterysandthoughts.wordpress... Youtube: Twitter: Sources: Agis III. Cleomenes I. Leonidas I.