The Nutshack But In Gba Video Format (Rom Download Link In The Description)

Published on Oct. 9, 2016
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

help me, this is cringe... You might be wondering, "How did you make this, SPF1997?" Well, it's easy. I just downloaded an MP4 of this video, then converted it to an AVI on, and finally, I took the AVI file on a program called METEO (or AVI2GBA) and converted the video to GBA ROM format, and that's how it works. If you wanna know how I recorded this video, here is how, I opened the ROM on the VisualBoyAdvance emulator, selected Tools and selected Record and finally selected Start AVI recording. Settings I chose from METEO (AVI2GBA): Bitrate: 60 Trimming: No Trim - Manual Resize Resize: Maintain Aspect Ratio (checked) Frame rate: 1/2 (30fps to 15fps) Pre-filter: 4x dithering/15-bit filter Download ROM: (It comes with the ROM, AVI2GBA and the original AVI file) UPDATE (5/12/2017): I forgot to tell you that the ROM was deleted from Mediafire about 2 weeks after it was uploaded to the site. Probably because it also included the AVI2GBA software and the original AVI file that was converted from the MP4 of the video. So that friggin sucks... #itsthenutshack