The $40 Scuf Alternative!? | Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Review | Controller Adapter

Published on Aug. 5, 2017
Channel: Bbkdragoon
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Today I'll review the Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Pack which offers a the best $40 SCUF alternative out there. This controller pack gives you 2 additional re-mappable paddles on the back of your PS4 Controller, as well as multiple in game mods. The folks over at Collective Minds have created a great product with the Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator one that will save gamers a lot of money from having to purchase custom or pro controllers for similar features. How does the device stand up to practical real world usage? Find out in my review of The Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Pack. PRODUCT LINK TO PURCHASE (Affiliate): HALO 5 On PC Is Pretty Awesome - Max Settings PC Halo First Impressions TITANFALL 2: CONSOLE VS PC - Can An Xbox Scrub Survive? DESTINY PC Specs Released & Beta Dates! | #160 Destiny The Show Connect with me here: Twitter: Facebook: Stream: Instagram: