Swimming With Dolphins

Published on Jan. 18, 2010
Channel: Brent Hodgson
Category: Pets & Animals
Source: Youtube

Edit: Thank you to everyone mentioning "The Cove". Sadly, I wasn't at the film festivals it was shown at in August 2009, and didn't know how they were captured. Like most people, I first heard about it after it gained wider publicity and went into limited theatrical release in March 2010 - two months after this video was uploaded. It gave context to what was previously a magical day, and made me wonder about the ethics organisations like Sea World (with their marine ecology and conservation programs), and where they get their animals. If I saw "The Cove" beforehand, would I have bought Evelyn this experience as a gift for her birthday? Probably not. And if you were able to play with dolphins 2 months before seeing "The Cove", you probably would have enjoyed the experience too. But what I find particularly disgusting is people who come in here criticising others like they're some kind of Cetologists who have known about "The Cove" for years when really they've just finished watching it, and are digging through old videos they've found by googling "Swimming With Dolphins" for their own sick voyeuristic pleasure. Why people would want to watch something they find that disgusting, and then complain about it (especially when it happened so far in the past) I'll never understand. ===== Evelyn on a Dolphin Swim Adventure Tour we took during a recent cruise through the Caribbean (Florida, USA; Cozumel, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; Belize City, Belize; Costa Maya, Mexico). This video was filmed in Cozumel on a Flip Mino HD, and edited using iMovie. Next year, we may return for a vacation through the Bahamas, Aruba and beyond.