Stalked: Someone Is Watching, Above The Law *Read Description*

Published on March 21, 2016

This video has been uploaded for the sole purpose to raise awareness on the issue of stalking, you can see it in this story of Vicki Kuper. DISCLAIMER: This video and the show that the episode is from is not owned by this account, its owner or Vicki Kuper. All rights belong to the producer, director and the company who owns and creates the show. This episode is being uploaded for the sole purpose of a nonprofit campaign and is in no way being uploaded to make money. Proper Rights are to be credited to: Executive Producers: Bruce David Klein Diana Sperrazza Lorri Leighton Production Company: Atlas Media Corporation Original Network: Investigation Discovery Host: Michelle Ward Directors: Paul Jarrett Ethan Mass Tony Riga John C. Kelleran Dave Marlin Michael Hargett Timothy Riese David Sperling Joe Brunette Samantha Grogin Kevin Leeser Jim Scott Laleh Soomekh Kenny Strawn Oral User Series Writers: Steve Bronstein David Burch Tim Curran Julie D'Aprile Abby Gold Samantha Grogin Matt Koed Mike Koed Fae Moore Catharine Park Razor Rizzotti Charlotte Stobbs Rob Sweren Mara Wollong All other rights and responsibilities belong to their proper owners None of the content of the video or the video itself belongs to this youtube channel or its owner.