Robert Reeves Speaks At Why Austin Rules During Austin Startup Week

Published on Oct. 31, 2011

Why Austin Rules! Put together by Jacqueline Hughes for Austin Startup Week. Speakers: -Eve Ritcher, Emerging Technologies Coordinator -Robert Reeves, Director, IT and Wireless Portfolio at ATI Panelists -Rodrigo Carvalho, CEO of BlackLocus (moved to Austin from Pittsburgh after securing a $2.5M round with DFJ Mercury and Silverton) -Robin J. Thurston, co-founder & former CEO of MapMyFitness (raised $5.0M from Austin Ventures, and moved its headquarters to Austin from Denver) -Jonathan Carroll, Music + Events + Operations for Gowalla (moved from Dallas to Austin) -Tim Kern, CEO of Wawadoo (moved to Austin from Pittsburgh, after Alphalab incubator) Eve Ritcher gave a presentation on some of the economic benefits of having or moving a company to Austin. Robert Reeves discusses the talent, quality & cost of living and business climate in Austin.