Preparing Your Bag For Shipping By Send My Bag (Latest Version 2017)

Published on Sept. 18, 2017
Channel: Send My Bag
Category: Travel & Events
Source: Youtube

It’s almost time to send your bag, but first please take a moment to watch this short video demonstration. Send My Bag is a luggage delivery and personal effects shipping service transporting items worldwide every day. Most typical items you would find in luggage such as clothes and books are welcome, as is correctly prepared sports equipment. If you choose to send items not normally found within luggage and which therefore require additional packaging, these items are sent at your own risk. Send My Bag strictly prohibits the sending of aerosols, liquids containing alcohol and flammable liquids such as perfume and nail varnish. Heightened security measures are currently in place for unaccompanied luggage, if a security scan reveals a bag contains any of these items it will be removed from travel and may be held by the FAA or other authorities. While alcohol based and flammable liquids are strictly prohibited; on UK and US domestic services and on standard road services within Europe you may include small quantities of other liquids, pastes and gels such as shampoo and toothpaste. Please ensure any liquids are packed appropriately, any package or suitcase found to be leaking will be removed from travel. For a detailed list of prohibited items and items excluded from cover visit your destination’s information page linked to from your confirmation email or review our terms of service. When preparing your luggage or box please bear in mind all items will travel on automated belts and slide down sorting chutes. High value luggage, designer lightweight shell suitcases and spinner suitcases are not recommended for the service. Extendable suitcase handles should be secured in place to ensure they do not deploy when in transit. Please do not lock your bag, instead secure the zips with a cable tie or string. If you are sending a holdall, we recommend wrapping the bag to stop straps becoming caught. When sending a box, choose a strong double walled cardboard box. Single walled boxes, plastic boxes and laundry bags are not suitable for the service. Boxes should be packed to ensure items cannot move around inside the box. The automated network cannot adhere to written instructions such as ‘this way up’ or ‘fragile’. Boxes should be sealed by looping tape around the box with seams also reinforced with tape. Finally, please ensure your bag or box is designed to hold the weight packed. See our FAQs for more information on choosing and preparing your suitcase or box. You will be required to print and attach a tracking label securely to the outside of your bag. Whenever possible we recommend attaching labels to luggage with Send My Bag label holders. Send My Bag label holders are reinforced with metal rings and are supplied with cable ties to securely attach the label holder to your bag. If you do not have label holders these can be requested when placing your order, or from your account after your order has been placed. If you do not have time for label holders to arrive by post you must attach your label securely in such a way that you are confident it will not become detached in transit. For example, by looping tape around the bag so it doubles back on itself. Do not attach labels in plastic wallets with string, these may look like homemade versions of Send My Bag’s label holders but can easily become detached in transit. The backup copy of the label should be placed inside your bag and the driver copy should be handed to the driver. When sending on an international route outside of the European Union, you will also be required to complete and print a packing list.   This can be done online in a few minutes, see your confirmation email for instructions. Once completed, the packing list and any other customs documentation must be attached to your bag as securely as your label, but should be attached in a separate label holder so it remains visible for the customs authority. An additional copy of the packing list will also print for the collecting driver. Under no circumstances hand your bag to the driver without your labels securely attached. For your peace of mind Send My Bag includes complimentary cover with each shipment and higher cover levels are available for purchase, if you did not extend cover but now wish to do so, you can upgrade from within your account. More information on cover can be found within our FAQs. Please also ensure you have travel, home or specialist sports or musical instrument insurance in place suitable to your needs. If you have any questions please call, chat online or email us today. Have a safe trip, and thank you for choosing Send My Bag.