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Published on Oct. 13, 2017
Channel: Yusuf Ibrahim
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Asslamu Alikom - Greetings of Peace everyone! We hope you enjoy our japan travel vlog about our trip from Okinawa. Please don't forget to Subscribe and Like. Also, leave a comment and tell me if you have any suggestions of what we should eat and where should we travel! This whole vlog is about Food and the great music in Japan. If you love food you will love this video Okinawa is a beautiful place with many beaches and amazing food. We enjoyed the day by relaxing at the Sheraton Sunmarina resort where we got to try amazing Okinawan Japanese breakfast and coffee! We spent the day just relaxing and using the facilities. The Japanese people in Okinawa are very kind and respectful and they are a great sense of humor. One of the best things we love to do is go to the spa and the Sheraton hotel had a really relaxing spa that we got to try out. We had a couples massage and got to enjoy the afternoon trying different flavored teas and coffee. After hanging out at the resort we got hungry as usual and we wanted to try some authentic okinawan and japanese food. We also wanted to experience live japanese music and understand the culture. We were recommended to go to a really cool restaurant called Wankara Wankara that serves a lot of unique food and amazing dessert! We had lots of unique dishes like Jasmine Soba Noodles, Salmon Sushi with pesto, deep fried prawn and shrimp, Onigri with salmon and plumb, friend red snapper fish, sting ray fin, and of course sweet potato ice cream! The experience at this restaurant was great and we also go to see live Japanese music! I have to admit, one of the most beautiful sunsets we saw was in Okinawa because it was very peaceful and there were no other tourists but just us enjoying the sunset over the ocean in Japan! This was our last night in Okinawa and now we are heading back to Tokyo to finish our Japan Travel Vlog. After Nara we took the rapid JR train back to Osaka and went straight to Dotonbori to try the street food. I really wanted to try the Takoyaki (octopus balls) in Osaka because I heard they are the best! The Takoyaki stall was super busy but worth the wait. Thank you for watching and please Subscribe, Like and Share! Stay tuned for more food travel videos! Connect with me to see more pictures and delicious food! Living In Stereo by Dj Quads Music promoted by Audio Library