Nova Girls: Kissing Canvas - Atop The Fourth Wall

Published on Feb. 22, 2016
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. In this episode, Linkara looks at a bizarre photo comic! Originally uploaded March 24th, 2014. ORIGINAL INFO: A photo comic that makes you embarrassed for everyone involved… except for maybe the “writter.”. RUMINATIONS: This episode kicked off an unintentional theme for the next several episodes: bizarre sexuality/sexism. By sheer coincidence, I had scheduled Nova Girls, Avengers #200, and Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 all in a row. These sort of things are rarely done on purpose, but hey, it would have been fine… buuuut then I scheduled SCI-Spy #5 right afterwards. That one was just a sci-fi comic, so how could it carry on those themes? Well, it did, and then following that up with Athena #2, the second issue of a book strictly designed to show off a woman’s ass, and it’s just one after another after another. Still, I would hope it showed a wide breadth of sexism in comics – either Nova Girls or Athena are the tamest on the sexism angles, since they just have tons of other bizarre things happening to them. In the case of Nova Girls, it just seems like cheap, cheesy exploitation of… something, still not sure what the hell the Nova Girls ARE, but I’m pretty sure it was just to get pictures of women in skimpy outfits wrestling. Athena, however, while not as focused on her butt, still had her dress in a ridiculous outfit for the sake of fanservice. And of course this sandwiches in the three other examples: Avengers #200 with its treatment of a rape, SCI-Spy with unintended imagery and just fanservicy designs, and then Red Hood’s character assassination of Starfire that necessitated a soft reboot for her own book… which has sadly been cancelled, but that’s a story for another day. As for Nova Girls… well, I’ll hopefully get the other issues eventually, since this one is just… what?