Matt Hoss V. H3H3 Lawsuit: Summary Judgment Day

Published on Feb. 28, 2017

I go over the parties' cross-motions for Summary Judgment. This video covers the 2/13 filings. There were more filings made on 2/27 during the editing of this video. I scheduled a livestream to go over them at 10pm Eastern on 2/28. Watch here: Ethan & Hila have an update as well: Special thanks to the following Patreon supporters who have contributed $5+ AND have consented to be recognized. If you have pledged and are not on this list, please contact me and we'll fix it. Bryan Joseph Anders Stensson Git2DaChoppa Mosi Dane'el Aaron Leslie Haris Bukic Sam Bianchi Elliot DeMatteis Sarah Gerweck etherealblah Cameron MacFarland Chris Butler Danny Baverstock Garrett McKellar Austin Barnes Steven Kinell Isaac Renaud Ryan Razon Paul Bishop Sharon Chambers Matthew M. Peter Keros Veronica Pauli Paul Bible Vixen Defea Hannah Dernier Justin Myers Daniel Y Ji Nicholas Romano Miles Spoor Lowezar Richard Shotwell CheeseDeluxe Kristopher Grimslie Tymoteusz Paul Thyri Eric Duncan Michael Morris Jamie Sawyer Daniel Nichols Charles Miller Ph34rB33r Bytesback Mark Kasimoff Joshua Meinzinger