Mario And Luigi: The Mask, Chapter 13 Big, Big Problem

Published on Aug. 26, 2017
Source: Youtube

Plot Things go from bad to slightly more bad when Green Thunders attempts to cure Daisy of the P-Flower goes a gigantically wrong. Meanwhile the Axem Rangers shift back into gear and shift their target towards the Mushroom Kingdom. With Green Thunder trying to find a real cure for Daisy who can stop the Axem Rangers and their Zoid robots, and what's that unidentified giant creature coming to oppose them? Mario and Luigi: The Mask Created and animated by TimeLordParadox Green Thunder created by TimeLordParadox Mario and Luigi are created by Nintendo. Axem Rangers owned by Nintendo Axem Rangers X created by AlvinEarthworm Balloon Daisy created by KingAsylus Follow on Facebook DeviantART Youtube