Maplestory Nova Update Announcement

Published on June 18, 2017
Channel: Thegam3Rz
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

[Updated with more info] 메이플스토리 NOVA 업데이트 소개 영상 Korea Maplestory (KMS) Summer Update : NOVA There will be 5 updates - Arcana daily quests : Arcane PQ : Spirit Saver (22 June 2017) - New nova thief class Cadena, uses chains to attack along with its new area "savage terminal" (6 July 2017) - Dimension Library Episode 4 (20 July 2017) - The angel guy at the end : Illium , the new mage job from Grandis along with its new area "Asylum" (10 August 2017) - New area in the arcane river : Moras - The identity of the mysterious girl seen in arcana will be revealed! I do not own this video, all video rights and credits goes to Nexon Korea.