Maa Sarada | মা সারদা । Bengali Documentary Full Movie

Published on Aug. 6, 2016

Watch Bengali Documentary film Based on "Maa Sarada Devi" "Maa Sarada a short documentary" Sarada Devi (Bengali: সারদা দেবী Sharodā Debi (22 December 1853 – 21 July 1920), born Saradamani Mukhopadhyay (সারদামণি মুখোপাধ্যায়), was the wife and spiritual counterpart of Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa Dev, a nineteenth-century mystic of Bengal. Sarada Devi is also reverentially addressed as the Holy Mother (Sri Maa or শ্রীমা) by the followers of the Ramakrishna monastic order. Sarada Devi or Sri Sri Ma is one of the notable woman saints and mystics of the nineteenth century. She paved the way for the future generation of women to take up monasticity as the means and end of life. In fact Sri Sarada Math and Ramakrishna Sarada Mission situated at Dakshineshwar is based on the ideals and life of Sri Sri Ma. Sarada Devi played an important role in the growth of the Ramakrishna Movement. Sarada Devi was born in Jayrambati. At the age of five she was betrothed to Ramakrishna, whom she joined at Dakshineswar Kali temple when she was in her late teens. According to her traditional biographers, both lived lives of unbroken continence, showing the ideals of a householder and of the monastic ways of life. After Ramakrishna's death, Sarada Devi stayed most of the time either at Jayrambati or at the Udbodhan office, Calcutta. The disciples of Ramakrishna regarded her as their own mother, and after their guru's death looked to her for advice and encouragement. The followers of the Ramakrishna movement and a large section of devotees across the world worship Sri Sri Ma Sarada Devi as an incarnation of the Adi Parashakti or the Divine Mother. Director : Abhijit Mukhopadhyay Language : Bengali Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Watch more of your favourite Bengali Movies Subscribe Now !! for unlimited entertainment ► Official Website ► Like us on Facebook ► Twitter ► Circle us on G+ ► LinkedIn ►