M240B-Tesla / M4A1-S Jewelry / Thompson-Infernal Dragon - Zombie V4 - Hero Mode X 2.0

Published on Oct. 19, 2016
Channel: 郎帅 70Kg
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

M240B-Tesla Zombie V4 /M4A1-S Jewelry Zombie V4/ Thompson-Infernal Dragon - Zombie V4 M240B-Tesla Hero Mode X/ M4A1-S Jewelry Hero Mode X/ Thompson-Infernal Dragon Hero Mode X 2.0 Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos #CrossFire #CF #HMX #CFS #CrossfireGame Highlight CrossFire of CrossFire China Trying to build up the best crossfire channel on youtube. And presenting the best sides of China server competitive crossfire ►Subscribe and ❤like❤ https://www.facebook.com/CrossfireChinaStar/ subscribe GYEONG TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCASEh_yljlSHcmotwwcKbTw