Kambarbay Shining Brightly At The Stallion Ai Services Stallion Parade

Published on May 21, 2016

Kambarbay a magnificent and noble purebred Perlino Akhal Teke Stallion standing at stud in the UK - A stallion with a gentle temperament and outlook. Interested in all that is around him, obedient and polite at all times. A stallion with stamina, speed, agility, high intelligence and a mesmerizing shine to his metallic coat, with the added bonus and guarantee that all of his progeny will be either palomino or buckskin. Observe the quality of his walk, the suppleness of his trot and the attentive and immediate response to his handlers instructions. He is a dream to handle and work with. Kambarbay has been embraced by sport horse breeders worldwide by both amateur and professionals competing at the highest FEI levels in dressage, eventing, endurance, Show jumping and dressage. He has offspring due or already in Austria, Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, throughout Scotland the UK and the USA. 2016 saw the arrival of a strikingly marked buckskin colt bred by Jules Cournane at Headly Stud, home of the world famous prefix Britannia. 2017 will bring forth the arrival of his largest foal crop to date thanks to the success of his frozen semen Internationally. The quality of his progeny have confirmed that breeders can breed to Kambarbay with confidence and that all fears of using an Akhal Teke stallion in a sports horse breeding program have now been quashed! With so many of his foals bred by competitors who specifically desire a fast, tough hardy, athletic, sports horse to compete at the highest of levels in eventing, TREC and endurance, it brings us great joy to receive so much positive feedback from our breeders that they have bred exactly what they were aiming for.