Ignorant Driver Beeps At Cyclist 4 Not Cycling On The Left- Asl + Horn Abuser

Published on Feb. 21, 2017
Channel: Silvio Diego
Source: Youtube

0:14 invades ASL illegally. 0:32 Most Pathetic MGIF ever, 0:54 It cannot be heard clearly on the video thanks to impatient biker behind me but she says she beeped at me because I was not cycling on the left. Which is funny because I'm turning right and she's turning left, so only her infinite ignorance knows why she'd want me to cycle in her path to turn. it can be seen on my back cam that she turns left in the end and almost left hooks a group of cyclists. 1:22 I included some back cam footage to show her turning left, and biker saying 'come on buddy!' HYUNDAI AMICA GSI AUTO 2000 Registration number: W715PFX Body type: 5 Door Hatchback Colour: Silver Date of first registration: March 2000