How To Use Toilet In Flight :: Demo By Arun Kumar B In Emirates Airlines :: Dec 2011

Published on Jan. 18, 2012

How to use Toilet in Flight :: Demo by Arun Kumar B in Emirates Airlines :: Dec 2011 * First time when I took flight (May 2010), I was not aware of how to use toilet in flight * After that flight, decided to record & share how toilet inside flight is * During my second trip (Dec 2011), did shoot this video & sharing it * Hope it will help most first time flyers NOTE: * I kept alarm during midnight & woke up only to take this video * Why midnight? # During regular hours people wait in queue to get into toilet # Just for the sake of this video shooting, didn't want to make people wait # Hence chose an off-peak-hour for shooting this video * Thanks to my Friend Subash, who always inspires me for doing things, by considering others time/ convenience as First Priority!!!