How To Make Panic Button Android App With Gps Coordinates Using App Inventor 2 Without Writing Codes

Published on June 23, 2015
Channel: Ranjan Pandey
Category: Education
Source: Youtube This app inventor 2 tutorial will teach you to make panic button App for Android phones. You will learn to use location sensor, timer, phone number picker, social media integration etc. Not only that but you can start using this App immediately for the safety of your loved ones. How to use SOSpanic: When you are in trouble and need help, simply open SOSpanic and click the red "Dont Panic" button. SOSpanic will alert your 3 configured contact phone numbers and your twitter followers with a "HELP" message, your address and the current Time/Date. Note: When you open SOSpanic, the app tries to find your address as per GPS coordinates. During this time you will see an image of a map instead of Red "Dont panic" button. As soon as the address is acquired, the map image will turn into red "Dont Panic" button. In case you pressed the button before it turns into red "Dont Panic" button, SOSpanic will still send the message but without your address. For many more ideas on how to build cool apps click