Happy Canada Day From Google Maps!

Published on July 1, 2013
Channel: Google Maps
Source: Youtube

To help celebrate Canada Day, we wanted to take you on a tour through Canada's beautiful landscape in Google Maps. English: http://g.co/CanadaDay2013 French: http://g.co/FeteduCanada2013 Here are links to the locations featured in the video*: 0:00 North America from Space (http://goo.gl/ATr1c) 0:03 Thunder Mountain, BC (http://goo.gl/93aTi) 0:05 Tahsish-Kwois Provincial Park, Port Alice, BC (http://goo.gl/xz0Fs) 0:08 Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge, Winnipeg, Manitoba (http://goo.gl/hBxF0) 0:10 Winnipeg, Manitoba (http://goo.gl/ulXsw) 0:12 Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC (http://goo.gl/BLCbq) 0:14 Mount Lyne, East Kootenay, BC (http://goo.gl/zQHx9) 0:17 City Hall, Edmonton, Alberta (http://goo.gl/LjT2a) 0:19 Commonwealth Stadium. Edmonton, Alberta (http://goo.gl/xHcMe) 0:22 Legislative Assembly, Alberta, Edmonton (http://goo.gl/OVnIS) 0:24 Anvil Island, BC (http://goo.gl/QJ2jk) 0:26 Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Québec City, Québec (http://goo.gl/yri9H) 0:27 Grasslands, Mankota, Saskatchewan (http://goo.gl/E2mwa) 0:29 Peggys Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia (http://goo.gl/hr6fp) 0:31 Banff National Park, Alberta (http://goo.gl/wywCp) 0:35 Confederation Bridge, Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island / New Brunswick (http://goo.gl/K9MaL) 0:37 CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario (http://goo.gl/UgsyA) 0:41 Alexandra Bridge, Ottawa, Ontario (http://goo.gl/YKY3z) 0:44 Parliament Hill exterior, Ottawa, Ontario (http://goo.gl/YKY3z) 0:46 Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario (http://goo.gl/HXLTN) 0:47 Parliament Hill Senate, Ottawa, Ontario (http://goo.gl/l1Mv8) 0:49 Parliament Hill hallway, Ottawa, Ontario (http://goo.gl/YKY3z) 0:51 House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario (http://goo.gl/YKY3z) *You'll need the new Google Maps to view some of the 3D imagery as it appears in the video. Learn more: http://maps.google.com/preview