Follow Me Realty

Published on March 8, 2017
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Did you know... that 87% of all new agents fail after five years in real estate? And it’s no wonder, with Office politics and social stigma, Brokers regularly competing with the own, performing as real estate agents themselves, and an outdated business model driving a fragmented and chaotic industry… The missing link in an agent’s success is Agent Support. Real Estate must evolve and grow with the needs of today’s entrepreneur Follow Me Realty is the connecting link between the state exam and the closing table. We are the world’s first, online, subscription brokerage. We follow what the greatest do, and offer what no other brokerage offers. With... 100% Online Agent Access NO office politics Unparalleled Agent Benefits Like our passive income program and zero transaction fees And immediate broker communication with 24/7 Snap Support. All this and more for just $399 per month. We follow what the greatest do, and show you to do the same. Simply put, we help you, so you can help them. Join the revolution today and commit to your success in the new era of Real Estate Go to to learn more. Follow Me Realty: Who do you follow?