Fecal Transplant For Obesity: Day 1

Published on Sept. 21, 2017

Follow us through our Fecal Microbiota Tansplant (FMT) journey! Most FMT how-to videos are for C. diff, IBS, and Crohns disease as it can literally save lives. We are doing this to see if FMTs at home can reduce obesity. ***gf meant "necrotizing ENTEROcolitis"*** FMT: Poop from a healthy person transplanted into intestines of recipient. Microbiota: The community of bacteria that colonize specific sites of body and normally confer some protective benefit (skin, gut, respiratory...etc) Microbiome: the collective genomes of microbiota (all microbes' genes) Start: Sept 23, 2017 279lbs, 5' 10.5" If you dont know, the bacteria inhabiting your gut are essential for your health--the right, normal mix of gut bacteria ("the microbiota community") ensure healthy functioning of the gut immune barrier (search GALT, gut mucosal barrier), immune development, and neuro modulation. Bad bacteria dysregulate these normal states and can result in more than just diarrhea. Go to google scholar and search "literature review gastrointestinal microbiota". We are not offering medical advice, please consult your doctor!