Emeril'S Florida: Family Owned And Operated

Published on Feb. 4, 2016
Channel: Visit Florida
Category: Travel & Events
Source: Youtube

On this episode of Emeril’s Florida, Emeril takes a look at a few family run restaurants around the state. First is Caraguilo’s, a neighborhood Italian restaurant in Sarasota that’s run by 5 Italian brothers from New York. It's been a family business since 1990. The brothers serve Emeril some of their favorite family recipes including Chicken Livers in Vaso, Crispy Maple Leaf Farms Duck, and Linguine With Cedar Key Clams Next, Emeril meets a husband and wife who run Coolinary Cafe, a farm-to-table restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens. Opened in 2012 by Tim and Jenny Lipman, Coolinary Cafe serves a variety of inventive New American small and large plates within their open-kitchen restaurant. Emeril samples some of their signature dishes including Southern Fried Chicken & Waffle, Key West Shrimp Escabeche, BBQ Lamb Sliders and House made Cavatelli. Then, Emeril heads to Market 17, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant that’s owned and operated by a brother and sister who are both sommeliers. They also have an option called “Dine in the Dark” where you eat in complete darkness and you’re not told what you’re served. Emeril tried it and you’ll see how well he did identifying what he ate. On the menu was Florida Watermelon Salad; Rare Seared Florida Wahoo; and Grilled Emu Filet. In the final segment, Emeril prepares Chicken Fried Pork Cutlets With Country Gravy And Fried Eggs. Watch the episode on Food Network: Friday, November 4, 2016 at 9:00AM EST