Doctor Who: 2010 Title Sequence - Revised Sound Effects (With Music)

Published on July 17, 2011
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

This video is identical to my previous upload, 'Doctor Who: 2010 Title Sequence - Revised Sound Effects,' (view it here: albeit with the inclusion of the theme music, here an edited version of my Proms mix; I didn't use the original version to avoid the video being removed on copyright grounds. The following is the original video's description: One controversial choice for many fans in the current era of Doctor Who is the addition of sound effects in the opening titles. They are, admittedly, necessary, due to the lightning strikes present throughout the first half of the titles, but their mingling with the theme tune seems a bit of a compromise between full sound design, and none. Rather than employing full sound effects for the sequence, the BBC opted for a minimalistic scheme, with effects punctuating the music only for the lightning strikes. With the update in A Good Man Goes to War - featuring TARDIS sounds near the end - the balance seems to have been tipped into an even worse position. With all this in mind, I decided to provide full sound design for the sequence on my own, and this video is the result. It features several layers of sounds, including: -Lightning strike sounds from the original titles (remixed for stereo) -TARDIS sound effects, taken from the show -Wind sounds -Thunder rumbles -Mixed explosion sounds -Volcanic eruption sounds -A few 'whooshing' sounds from the show I did a fair bit of mixing on each of these elements, putting them together, stereo-mixing them and applying a lot of reverb and some EQ work. I'm afraid some of it's been droned out a bit by the sheer volume of elements playing at any given time, but I think it works pretty well. I'm planning on uploading a version incorporating the theme music, as well, so you can hear what the titles might have been like had the BBC been more elaborate, sound-wise. I'd appreciate any feedback you may have for me on this video. I'm quite pleased with it, myself, to be honest. It's best if you play it loud... be sure to use headphones, if possible! If you'd like to download the original audio from the title sequence, I have a link below in MP3 format. Finally, let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything to do with this video. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Original Title Sequence Audio (Lightning Strikes): More links may be added in the future.