Destiny Lore: Deathsingers (Daughters Of Oryx)

Published on July 1, 2016
Channel: Myelin Games
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Destiny Lore The Deathsingers (Daughters of Oryx) ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Subscribe ► Donate ► Destiny lore playlist ► Last Video, Destiny Lore Rise of Iron Lore Welcome back to another Destiny Lore episode. Today we will be exploring the Deathsingers, Ir Halak and Ir Anuk. The twin wizards are also known as the Daughters of Oryx and are most known as the last line of defense in the King's Fall Raid. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to skip to any section with Contents page just below. CONTENTS 1. Sons and daughters 1:41 2. Deathsingers creation 7:56 3. Deathsinger weapons 14:28 4. Deathsinger purpose 28:10 5. Raid mechanics 30:08 6. New Art work 34:50 Destiny Lore in Spanish BIG thanks to Fyreman_J for assisting with the footage. Show his channel some love Peace Myelin