Dear People | Wattpad Reading: Sad Quote

Published on July 13, 2017
Channel: Alicest
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

People and Depression Anxiety and Depression. It is a problem that regular people don't seem to understand. It's hard to process what's going on in people's minds. Our minds are corrupted. Our eyes are filled with tears. We lay awake at night while others sleep peacefully. We cut our wrists, while others smile. We stay indoors while others stay active. Why can't people understand? That we are different? We might not want to see light sometimes. We might want to stay inside all day. We might stare at a screen all day. While others go out, being active. So what? Don't compare us to those people. Because we are not the same. We have such a messed up life, that we aren't completely human anymore. We are broken, damaged, messed up. Please. Don't compare us to those perfectioned people. We are not those people. We might not be pretty on the outside, but we are pretty on the inside. Others might look pretty outside, but they might not be on the inside. We might not be smart. We might not be talented. We might not like to socialize. But we still care for people on the inside. While you people dont seem to care for us. You do whatever you want, not giving a god damn thought to our feelings. We put up with it. You kinds of people are what makes us want to die. Stop being so selfish and start caring for others feelings for once. My wattpad: Make sure to keep a smile on your face, my birdie family! c: