Custom Crafted Tabaquinho For Recording Artist, "Vega" By D Guitars Miami Llc

Published on March 21, 2013
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

OK so my buddy, Sebastian Krys, commissioned me to build this clever little cigarbox uke, which he christened the "Tabaquinho", since it's based on the Cavaquinho but made using a tobacco product-the box, for recording artist, Vega. It has a 19" scale length, and is tuned like the top 4 strings of a guitar-DGBE low to high. I used a beautiful Padron cigar box, steel reinforced the neck to handle the stress of the steel strings, a 60's Teisco bass pickup, which I potted for use at loud volumes or distortion without squealing, and 250K volume and tone pots. It has a very cool sound, and plays really well. I think Vega will be rather pleased with it. I even engraved her name into the top of the instrument. For more info about lutherie services available at D Guitars Miami LLC, please call: 305-896-1811. Thanks for watching. Enjoy. one correction: I mistakenly stated that Vega is a BMI artist. My friend Sebastian informed me that she is an independent artist, and not affiliated with BMI. He informed me of this after I shot this video and had already boxed up the uke, ready to ship.