Becoming A Youtuber

Published on Aug. 12, 2018
Channel: Timtom
Source: Youtube

Check out A Brief History Of TimTom! :D Background art (and mucho more) by Ilymation: With some additional animation help from ThePivotsXXD: ^Please take time to check out each of these people's channels!^ They are wonderful and talented, and I could spend all day listing the things I like about them and their videos. :) I hope you enjoyed this video! It's a bit different from what I normally do, but MORE IMPORTANTLY I switched to ToonBoom! So, hopefully there's a noticeable bump in quality. I've got lots more to learn, but I think my videos are gonna start looking more like I want them to! I'm excited to be making better things, faster. :) Finally, thanks for taking the time to read the description! That's very cash money of you. ;) ps i got a po box if you want to send me stuff but its a secret so dont tell no one PO Box #111 1038 E Bastanchury Rd Fullerton, CA 92835