Become A Mindful Marketer--An Overview Of "The Mindful Marketer" | Lisa Nirellll

Published on May 7, 2014
Channel: Lisa Nirell
Category: Education
Source: Youtube The rules of the marketing game have changed forever. Senior marketing leaders, as well as CEOs of small to mid-sized companies, are expected to be customer engagement experts, data-driven dignitaries, sales mavens, AND bold brand ambassadors. Many clients tell me that they are simply not prepared for these overwhelming demands, and do not know how to make the transition to modern marketer. My newest book, The Mindful Marketer, sets a new course for today's marketing leaders—a "middle path," at the Buddha once said. This book shows you how to strike a balance between big data driven thinking and creativity. You will learn and apply Pan-Asian concepts to bring your most effective, balanced self to your everyday marketing role. My book, divided into three sections with short chapters, will also help you make the best decisions, attract lifetime customers, and build powerful, committed marketing teams. High performing organizations such as General Mills, Google, and Target are using consciousness-raising practices -- like meditation, conscious communication, mindfulness, and yoga -- to foster focused leaders who make better decisions. My book will show you more specifically how MARKETERS are achieving similar breakthroughs. It's time to make better decisions without just leaning on big data. The Mindful Marketer shows you how. Download or purchase your copy now.