Bbc Breakfast 17 July 2014 - Carol Kirkwood Upstaged By Dog

Published on July 17, 2014
Channel: Fishy Fish
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood is on the beach at West Wittering, having just interviewed a local lifeguard. She then moves onto the day's weather forecast, telling of two days of hot and humid weather culminating in thundery showers (some of them "humdingers") on the coming Saturday. What she fails to forecast however, is the dog (who has been walking in and out of shot throughout the piece) who then proceeds to take a polite little crap on the beach behind her, much to the amusement of someone in the studio who lets out a loud laugh, and to Charlie Stayt, Louise Minchin and Paul Lewis, who all continue to snigger and corpse their way into the next article.