Amtrak Viewliner Ii High Speed Testing @ Princeton Jct (Cab Car Leads Hhp-8)

Published on Aug. 14, 2014
Channel: Gregorygrice
Source: Youtube

Amtrak performs the first high speed tests of their new Viewliner II/ LDSL (Long Distance Single-Level) cars. Testing consisted of 3 initial round trips (a 4th sound trip was added to gain more needed data) between HAM & COUNTY interlockings during the extreme early morning hours. Each round trip was ran at a different increased speed until the last round trip in which the train reached a top speed of about/around 135MPH. Train was made up of the following consist: +HHP-8 (AMTK 651) -Veiwliner II Sleeper (AMTK 62500) -Veiwliner II Diner (AMTK 68000) -Veiwliner II Baggage Dormitory (AMTK 69000) +Metroliner Cab Car (AMTK 9633) The Metroliner cab car makes it easier for test train to change ends after each trip. YES the Amtrak HHP-8's are compatible with cab cars, but not completely. To make a long explanation short and less detailed, the main problem is the "Notch 1" response from the locomotive (there is none). This error prevents the HHP-8's from being used in revenue service using a cab car. So enjoy the rare sight because this may be the only time this ever happens as the HHP-8 fleet is soon to be gone. (Taken 8/14/14) *WATCH THE CARS ON THE HUDSON & NEW HAVEN LINE HERE: **FOR MORE INFORMATION THE CARS VISIT AMTRAK'S OFFICIAL VIDEO: ***If you have any further questions feel free to ask BUT PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FIRST! Thanks :)