Adf.Ly Infects & Hijacks Browsers , How To Clean Your Clean And Fix

Published on Oct. 27, 2014
Channel: Channel48
Source: Youtube

NOTE : This procedure works for all browsers how ever Internet EXPLORER from Microsoft you can not uninstall just like that so I have no clue yet how to fix that , I think in Software , remove Explorer , ignoring all the warnings , and then reboot and reinstall it , but that is just a guess.cause I only use Firefox. Another Spyware and Hacking piece of crap that mess up allot of browsers out there. In this video we will clean the infected browser , in my case Firefox , and when that is done we will get Firefox back on the system , but then all clean and fixed. You wont have to install your plugins some way they remain. This cleaning and find out how to , took me a hour. If you should let this be fixed by some computer store they may have charged you 100 dollars or more cause they would go for a clean install and recovery of all your files. The bill you can send to who ever they are. Video by channel48 (c) 2014