243 Wssm At 4240 Fps Hunting Prairie Dogs

Published on June 18, 2011
Channel: Thediyhunter
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

Here are a few various video clips from a recent Prairie Dog hunt. The shots are taken with my Winchester Model 1885 in 243 WSSM. I am using 55g Ballistic Tip bullets that chronograph at 4240 fps with the long barrel (28 inches) on this rifle. The shot distances on these varmints are in the 110 yard to 300 yard range with most shots being taken around 200 yards. As you can see it was extremely windy, making shots at longer distances very difficult... thus we tried to keep our shots in roughly the 200 yard range. The wind also made for less than optimal video quality. Next time I'll have a steadier tripod. Learn more about this hunt at: http://www.thediyhunter.com/243-wssm-coyote-varmint-hunting/73-2011-prairie-dog-hunt-243wssm-4240-fps