2016 Arnold Classic Amateur Women 1 - Bikini Fitness, Master Bikini Fitness, Model Search From Gmv

Published on July 25, 2016
Category: Sports
Source: Youtube

BUY THE DVD: http://www.gmv.com.au/default.asp?pageid=products&template=PRODUCTCAT&catid=31&prodid=3222&site=1 The 2016 IFBB Arnold Classic and Arnold Sports Festival are Presented by Classic Productions. Celebrating the 28th Anniversary of the IFBB Arnold Classic and the 10th Arnold Amateur Championships. March 3rd - 6th, 2016, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center – Expo stage and Battelle Grand. The Presenting Sponsor was Gaspari Nutrition. This Women’s DVD #1 of 2 presents all of the classes of the BIKINI FITNESS, MASTER BIKINI FITNESS & ARNOLD MODEL SEARCH. Spread over 2 DVDs this year, it is the BIGGEST WOMEN'S CONTEST SERIES we have ever released! My special thanks to Bob Lorimer and Live Technologies for providing the video content to produce this DVD. DVD CONTENT: See all of the lineups, key comparisons and callouts, and all awards and the OVERALLS. The classes for each division are shown from prejudging through to their finals, and then on to the next division. These are the best female amateur athletes in the world. Division are shown in this order: Arnold Model Search Bikini-Fitness Classes Master Bikini-Fitness Open The Overall Winners seen in this DVD: Women’s Bikini Fitness: Fernanda Kunze - Brazil Master Women's Bikini-Fitness Open: Paola A. Freeman – USA Arnold Model Search: Melissa Andrews - USA EXTRAS: Photo Gallery for Amateur Women's DVD #1.