1989 Ford F-150 4X4 Fuel Tank Sending Unit Replacement

Published on Aug. 26, 2012
Source: Youtube

The fuel gauge sending unit for the 19 gallon mid-ship tank on my '89 F-150 has been bad for a number of years and today, I finally got around to addressing the issue. Here, I drop the tank and skid plate, remove the old fuel pump/sending unit assembly, build up the new fuel pump/sending unit assembly using the original fuel pump, and finally install the tank and skid plate. I also show how to test both the fuel pump and sending unit prior to installation. I also test the old sending unit, demonstrating what a bad sending unit looks like to an ohm meter. Testing is important since these parts are difficult to get to, so you want to make sure you do this only once. With only 117,000 miles, and using both fore and aft tanks for a 60/40 duty cycle, the original fuel pumps should last a very long time. So these were not replaced. (8/25/2012)