10 Photoshop Features Every Graphic Designer Should Know

Published on Jan. 26, 2017
Channel: Tutvid
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

In this lengthy Photoshop tutorial, we’ll skip over the very basics of things like working with the user interface of Photoshop, layers, selections with the marquee tools, undoing/redoing, fills, and things like that. We will talk about using the Text tool, editing blocks of type, layer masks and clipping masks, guides, rulers, snapping, auto aligning and spacing, vector graphics and shape building, the pen tool, smart objects, embedding graphics, linking graphics across multiple documents, smart/global colors, artboards, exporting pdfs, exporting multiple layers, exporting multiple versions of an image, exporting images for retina graphic (retina display or responsive design) projects, and more! Written Photoshop tutorial: http://bit.ly/2kbqA9a Pick up my image retouching tutorial package ($27) right here: http://tutvid.com/retouching-photos-photoshop/ 🔥 ↓ VIDEO GUIDE ↓ 🔥 00:43 The Text Tool and Character Panel 04:56 Must-Know Basics of Masks and Clipping Masks 10:39 The Essentials Guides, Rulers, and Snapping 13:26 Time-Saving Alignment and Automatic Spacing 16:39 Making Drawing Easy with Simple Vector Graphics & Live Shapes 19:58 The Almighty Pen Tool 24:39 Amazingness of Smart Objects 31:07 Cool Tricks of Placing Embedded and Linked Graphics 36:08 The Power of Artboards 41:22 Exporting Your Artwork with Export As… INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, & MORE: http://instagram.com/tutvid http://twitter.com/tutvid https://www.facebook.com/tutvid 👻 tutvid.com CREDITS: Social Icons in outro: http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/six-social-networking-icons-with-infographic-resources_982300.htm PSD's USED: http://365psd.com/download/grand-motel-text-effect-56436 http://365psd.com/download/mini-video-player-61065 http://365psd.com/download/google-material-design-ui-kit-61696 http://365psd.com/download/chalkboard-typography-text-effects-56471 http://365psd.com/download/colorful-switch-61461 http://365psd.com/download/flat-flags-61715